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The concept was completely alien to the American public—and as such, most Americans (particularly females) were uncomfortable with the idea of the public masturbating. Indeed, among girls, the majority (47%) reported being on edge when masturbating for pleasure. While the idea of public masturbation seemed pretty benign, it also didn't fit with the American public's growing and ingrained fear of being sexually assaulted by men—despite its popularity. These feelings, which have persisted since the invention of pornography, were a major issue during and after the Civil War, when people began questioning the appropriateness of masturbation as a form of sexual assault. In the 19th century, pornography started to make more social acceptance possible. Today, it has evolved from being taboo to commonplace. The idea of public masturbation was still a central feature of American culture throughout its earliest history. The I Will Teach You campaign launched by abolitionist Benjamin Fulbright in 1747 was an effort to expand the definition of sexual assault in the US as a form of sexual assault. The campaign was the first time that men, women, and children were represented in the US senate—a concept that had been central to American civilization. Many of the bills of the time were aimed at promoting education and encouraging equality in society.